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Extra copy of DVD, comes with basic clear CD/DVD case and label DVD - $7 each
Ask about bulk purchasing of 20 or more pricing as gifts to family and friends
Extra copy of DVD with DVD case with matching art cover for case and label for DVD - $12 each

Video Slideshow to Photo Slideshow to Picture Slideshow

custom photo slide montage service

Montage Services.

Everything Included for that price

Amazing Special Effects

• Panning and zooming to create Ken Burns Effect.
• Fades, Transitions & Animations

   that give your photo slideshow a special touch.

Theme Style Effects

• Special theme effects, for Weddings,

   Holidays and other events.
• Even Fades, Transitions & Animations of a

   matching theme.

Video Add-ins
• Yes was can even add video to create that 
   video slideshow montage.

Movie Studio Style Creations

• Title Page, Captions, Credits with names, 

   dates & special messages.
• Customized fonts, colors & 
styles for your


Movie Studio Sound Style
• Sound effects. Stereo music, songs and instrumentals

Custom-made DVD
Movie-like DVD Menu. 
• Printed with 
personalized artwork and comes in a

   studio style case.

Online Preview

• Preview the draft before the final product.

Up to 50
3 to 5 mins
51 to 1001 to 2
5 to 9 mins
101 to 200
1 to 3
9 to 14 mins
Sports Package
20 to 50
1 to 2
3 to 5 mins

All packages include the following:

  • One on one phone consultation
  • Special effects listed below
  • Online Preview of the final draft
  • Digital download and a DVD of the montage in a basic CD/DVD case with label
  • Deposit is not require, you pay only after you have seen the finished Photo Slideshow or Video Slideshow and you are delighted with the outcome.

Types of Events for Photo Slideshow - Video Slideshow

Pregnancy Photo Slideshow
  From day 1 to that birth remember the moments

Baby’s First Birthdays Slideshow
   Child’s 1st, 5th, 10th and other milestones

Weddings and Special Events slideshow
   Engagements, Bridal Showers, Wedding Rehearsals, Cocktail Hours &  

Sweet Sixteen - Quinceanera Slideshow
   Sweet 16 parties, Quinceañeras and other teen events

Engagement and Anniversary Celebrations Slideshow
   These moment milestone are perfect to remember

• Family Vacations Slideshow
   Highlight and save those moments to save and watch again.

High School and Family Reunions Slideshow
   Gather the memories and share with friends and family of that reunion.

Memorial Tribute Slideshows
   Funerals and Celebrations of Life
Graduations slideshow
   End of year graduations photo and video of friends that you can watch.

Scouting Events Slideshow
   Highlight the end of the year with a perfect way to remember it

Athletics - Sports Slideshow
  Highlight the end of a season with a perfect way to remember it

Fundraiser Slideshows For  
   (Churches, Charities, Schools)

And much more!

   From photo slideshow to a video slideshow we can create any
   Slideshow Montage for any event. For us it all the same.

Special requests are always welcome